Donald Trump offers his proposal to mediate on Kashmir


Calling Kashmir a “complicated situation”, Donald Trump said, “A lot has to do with religion. You have the Hindus, and you have the Muslims. This has been going on for decades.”

Washington D.C.: US President Donald Trump in Washington on Tuesday (local time) once again offered his proposal to mediate on Kashmir, despite making it clear before that the ongoing dispute in the region should be resolved bilaterally by India and Pakistan. During an interview with NBC News, the president said, “I’ll do the best I can to meditate or do something…”

Calling Kashmir a “complicated situation”, Trump said, “A lot has to do with religion. You have the Hindus, and you have the Muslims. This has been going on for decades.”

During a phone conversation last week with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, Trump had reaffirmed his position that Kashmir remains a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.

However, Khan, in a brief telephonic conversation with Trump on Tuesday, had requested the US president to help find a solution to the ongoing dispute over Kashmir.

“I spoke with Prime Minister Khan and Prime Minister Modi yesterday. They both are good friends of mine and very great people. I get really good with both of them,” Trump was quoted as saying.

Trump’s remarks today came in the backdrop of New Delhi’s historic decision to change the constitutional status of Jammu and Kashmir.

Tensions have simmered between India and Pakistan following the BJP-led Centre’s decision to revoke Article 370 that guaranteed special status to Jammu and Kashmir. In addition, the Indian Parliament also passed a ‘Reorganisation’ bill that divided the region into Jammu and Kashmir–with a legislature and Ladakh-without a legislature.

Rattled by India’s move, Pakistan, last week, sent Qureshi to China to seek its help at the United Nations Security Council, urging it to call an emergency meeting on the issue. However, four out of five permanent members in the United Nations did not support Pakistan contentions over India’s decision.

India, time and again, has also stated that Jammu and Kashmir is “entirely an internal matter” of the country and all steps were taken keeping in mind the bright future of people of the region.

Following Trump’s initial offer to mediate on Kashmir, last month, New Delhi then had also categorically denied his request, saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had never requested the US president to meditate on the issue.

Meanwhile, countries across the globe echoing similar sentiments as New Delhi have termed the Kashmir issue, India’s internal matter. They also advised Pakistan to practice restraint and resolve the dispute bilaterally.

Trump added that he is looking forward to meeting Prime Minister Modi on the sidelines of the G7 summit that is scheduled to take place over the coming weekend in France.


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